Bronze GCH Visions-Cardach Wait Til Dark RN

"Tiller"       Blue Merle & White, Tan Points       Male

  OFA WCC-1195G38M-PI          CERF WCC-973         PRA Clear through pedigree.

Bred by Holly J. Goldman-Craig & Rita Hellegers          Owned by Genie Bishop


Run at the bridge "Tiller-Man".  April 22, 2003 - November 11, 2012


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At nearly ten years old, Tiller came out of retirement and garnered both his Grand Championship and Bronze Grand Championship
within 6 months, with multiple group placements!  Tiller finished 2012 as the #20 Cardigan!   Pictured at 9.5 years old.


Pedigree of Visions Sabrina, littermate to Tiller
Bronze GCH Visions-Cardach Wait Til Dark RN Cardach Windshyre Midnite HR Phi-Vestavia Inkling ROMg Davenitch Sand Piper ROMs
Phi-Vestavia Good Gracious ROMs
Hedgerow Bj's Rum Raisin ROMb Rhydowen I Be Jammin NA TT ROMb
Cardach Bj's Lucille Ball RN PT OA AXJ VC ROMg
Cornerstone Visions Denim N Lace ROMs Cornerstone Coedwig's Dreamer ROMg Yardican Roland ROMb
Cornerstone's New Light
Cornerstone's Double Diamond ROMs Vestavia's Harlem Snowman CD
Cornerstone Fairysteed Belle ROMb
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