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Photography by Suzanne T. White


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GCH Visions I Have A Dream TT, RN, PT, CA, CGC
CH Cornerstone Coedwig's Dreamer ROMB x CH Cornerstone Visions Denim N Lace HIC)
We were so blessed to have bred & own such a gorgeous Cardigan, with such herding instinct!  He is passing that instinct and talent on to his get.


and his littermate, "Olivia"

olivia_by_cheryl_crop.jpg (37293 bytes)
Photography by Cheryl Prehn

MACH Visions Dream a Little Dream AX, AXJ, FX, HSas, JHD-S, RL-1, AAD, GM, RM, TM, JCH, SCH
This super girl has a page all of her own... click here to find out more about Olivia and Barb's super group of dogs!


and their littermate, "Honor-Bug"

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CH Visions Cornerstone Dream On TN-N CGC
In residence & trained by Julie Garland Powers.  Bug is the third dog from this litter who is just so talented!

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"C-ATCH Ransom"

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C-ATCH Visions Steal a Million RN OAP OJP NAC TG-N  owned by Kris Jansen
(CH Cardach Windshyre Midnite Hr x CH Cornerstone Visions Denim N Lace HIC)

Handsome Ransom is AKC pointed but his "way too happy tail" made Kris change focus to agility.   Ransom is a superb worker and snuggler.
  On his way to all the CPE Agility Championship  Ransom has had TWO PERFECT WEEKENDS!! What a fabulous team Kris & Ransom are!  WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

Ransom is CPE's 3rd Cardigan/2nd Purebred Cardigan C-ATCH.  Kris also owns Darwin, the 2nd Cardigan/1st Purebred Cardigan C-ATCH!

Reminiscing from his early agility days, "Auntie" Dina Delsman wrote:
"And I have the fondest memories of sitting ringside at Ransom's first agility "trial" - a match put on by the Providence Kennel Club. He chased bugs, rolled, dug in the dirt and just generally tried Kris' patience while I rolled on the ground laughing - causing Ransom to come see what Auntie Dina was doing :)  I always knew he could do this. Congrats!"


and his littermate, "Sabrina"

sabrinaherding05.jpg (35136 bytes) sabrinajump.jpg (33371 bytes)

Visions Sabrina HIC  owned by Holly J. Goldman-Craig
(CH Cardach Windshyre Midnite Hr x CH Cornerstone Visions Denim N Lace HIC)
Sabrina gives me 110% of herself, no matter what I ask her to do.  She is the proud mum to Bette, Bentley, Magnet & Emma.  Sabrina does have 5 points (including a Best of Breed over a group placing special) in the breed ring.. Unfortunately she was struck with pyometra and I chose to spay so she will never be an AKC Champion.
We are working in rally, herding ducks and agility for 2011.

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PACH and CT-ATCH Visions The Marked Woman MXP5 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX MFP T2BP
owned by Frank & Kris Jansen
(CH Coedwig Visions Days of Thunder x Visions Sabrina HIC)

Congratulations to Kris & Frank on their 3rd C-ATCH dog!!   Bette is Sabrina's daughter, with all of her mother's drive and ambition.  She is running beautifully in agility. ,
She earned her AKC Novice Perfered Titles in 3 straight trials! 


and her littermate, "Bentley"

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 bentleycd.jpg (24525 bytes)  Bentley CDX1.jpg (50754 bytes)

Visions The Great O'Bentley CDX owned by John Burger
(CH Coedwig Visions Days of Thunder x Visions Sabrina HIC)
At only 18 months of age, Bentley earned his first CD leg, at his first trial, only 1/2 point out of the placings, competing against Goldens and Border Collies!  Bentley also finished his CDX with placings!  We couldn't be prouder of this team!


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 SkunkHeels.JPG (149911 bytes) SkunkRN.jpg (192020 bytes)

Visions Greifzu Good Luck Charm RN CGC  owned by Mary Yates
(CH Sisterwood Shadyridge Top Gun (Group Placer) x CH Visions Greifzu Roman Holiday)
Skunk is on her way to a promising obedience career!

and her littermate, "Lulu”

Lucloseup.jpg (11855 bytes)

luluherding.jpg (14060 bytes)

Visions Greifzu Be Bop A Lula HT, PT, CGC, HCT, JHD owned by Susan Miller
(CH Sisterwood Shadyridge Top Gun (Group Placer) x CH Visions Greifzu Roman Holiday)

Lulu takes breaks from playing fetch long enough to swim, run with her dog walker, practice Obedience and Rally and compete in Agility.   But she may have found her true calling in herding sheep where she can use her real talent – bossing around other creatures – in an acceptable outlet!   She is currently in training for Started. 
Her human Mum and big Pem brother,Tucker, adore her.

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Visions Magic Mountain owned by Rita Rice     Agility photos by Barry Rosen.
(CH Sno Shu Grizzly Bear x Visions Breakfast At Tiffany's)
Sassy lives up to her name in every sense of the word!  During her first trial season, Sassy preferred to leave the ring to visit everyone and anyone, person or dog, than run in her class.  Now that she is two years old she has a much better work ethic.   Currently she is showing in USDAA and has 6 Qs:  1 standard, 2 jumpers, 2 snooker & 1 gambler.

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