GCH CH Visions I Have A Dream, TT, PT, RN, CA, CGC

CWCCA Versatility Certificate

"Luther!"      Whelped March 5, 2006     Black & White, Brindle Points      Male

Bred by Holly J. Goldman-Craig & Rita Hellegers         Owned by Holly J. Goldman-Craig

Health Clearances: Click here to view his official OFA webpage.  

CHIC # 51575      OFA Hips WCC-1329F24M-VPI     Elbows WCC-EL126M24-VPI      Thyroid WCC-TH25/24M-VPI
PRA WCC-10/27M-VPI  Tested Clear      CERF WCC-1055        Fluffy Tested N/F (not fluffy, but a carrier)

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Thank you Mark Thorson for these great photographs!   Pictured at 2 years old.

Our handsome black & white Demi son is a breeder's dream.  Long, low, level - tons of bone, a lovely long neck and all those beautiful Cardi curves! Luther's temperament is phenominal - he is one of the happiest, fun loving Cardigans we know!  He makes friends with everyone he meets.  Luther loves his toys, loves to play with puppies and he LOVES to snuggle. 

And he boasts a pedigree meant to be outcrossed!

Click to see Luther in Performance!

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Finished with Four Majors and Two Supported Show wins, one on both the East and West Coasts!!  

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Pictured at 6.5 years old, out of coat.


Luther_Primm_moving.jpg (48644 bytes)

At nearly 6 years old, in motion.


luther_philly08.jpg (19259 bytes)

Luther was Best of Breed all 3 days at the Philadelphia Circuit, November 2008.


Luther-Megan2010.jpg (158922 bytes)

Pictured at 4 years old.

2010 National - Runner Up Black Dog  -  Megan Competition!

Group placer!

Tons of Herding Talent!

Temperament Tested!

Sire of 2009 National Award of Merit Winner!

Sire and Grandsire of Specialty Winners!

Finished his first Rally title at the 2010 National, in 3 straight trials!

The perfect combination of beauty, brains and instinct.

Luther_Down0409.jpg (15772 bytes)

Just look at those DARK, dreamy eyes!

Luther_Coming0409.jpg (8247 bytes) Luther_Going0409.jpg (9909 bytes)

No matter how you look at him, he is breathtaking to watch!  Pictured at 3 years, at the 2009 National.   Photos thanks to DreamEyce Studio.


  Click here for more Luther.     

Pedigree of Visions I Have A Dream RN PT CGC TT
Visions I Have A Dream RN PT CGC TT Cornerstone Coedwig's Dreamer ROMg Yardican Roland ROMb Smultronbackens Donovan
Faydom Sparkling Moonstone
Cornerstone's New Light Tafarnwr Coedwig Blackstorm ROMg
Maranatha's Cornerstone Rosy ROMs
Cornerstone Visions Denim N Lace ROMs Cornerstone Coedwig's Dreamer ROMg Yardican Roland ROMb
Cornerstone's New Light
Cornerstone's Double Diamond ROMs Vestavia's Harlem Snowman CD
Cornerstone Fairysteed Belle ROMb
This pedigree was generated by http://www.cardiped.net

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