CH Visions Cornerstone Dream On TN-N CGC

"Honor-Bug"      Whelped March 5, 2006    Blue Merle & White, Tan Points      Male      Littermate to Luther.

PRA Clear through pedigree.

Bred by Holly J. Goldman-Craig & Rita Hellegers      In residence & trained by Julie Garland-Powers      Co-Owned by Julie Garland-Powers & Holly Goldman-Craig

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New Champion!   What a handsome, mature boy at 4 years old!

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Owned by Holly J. Goldman-Craig, Rose McGathy & Rita Hellegers through his Championship

Sad News:   Our dear friend, Rose McGathy, lost her valiant fight with lung cancer on July 15, 2007.  She was a wonderful person of many talents and she so loved her dogs.  We were blessed to have had her as a part of our lives, though it was way to short.  We love you Rose.  Honor was to live with her in Phoenix, AZ when his championship was completed.

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Honor-Bug finished with THREE MAJORS  - including TWO Supported Show Best of Winners!!

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Honor-Bug & Julie also train & compete in Herding & Agility! 

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