CH Visions-Greifzu Roman Holiday

"Charm"      Whelped April 22, 2003      Blue Merle & White, Brindle Points      Female     Littermate to Sabrina.

OFA WCC-1204F39-PI       PRA Clear through pedigree.

Bred by Holly J. Goldman-Craig & Rita Hellegers          Owned by Carolyn Mackey & Holly J. Goldman-Craig

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Pictured at 16 months. 

Charm's second show was a CWCCA Supported Show in West Springfield, MA at the tender age of 6 months.  Following in her mother's pawprints, Charm was Winners Bitch/Best of Winners and Best in Sweeps for a 4 point major!

Charm finished her championship with her 3 majors (2-4 point majors), strictly from the Bred By Exhibitor Class, under esteemed judge Dorothy Nickles. 

Charm is the proud mother of Skunk!


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